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Jack & The Beanstalk78 minutes – Color – 1952
Abbott and Costello add their own unique brand of comedy to this classic fairytale. Whilst Jack (Lou Costello) is babysitting and trying to read the story of Jack and the Beanstalk he falls asleep and in his dream he is Jack in a magical land. Duped by Mr. Dinklepuss (Bud Abbott) into exchanging a cow for a handful if magic beans. Jack plants the beans and the following morning an enormous beanstalk has grown reaching up through the clouds to where the dreadful Giant lives. Jack and Mr. Dinklepuss climb the beanstalk and go in search of the Giant.

Africa Screams74 minutes – Black & White – 1949
Diana Emerson is looking for a copy of the Dark Safari. Buzz Johnson (Bud Abbott) overhears Diana say she’ll pay $2,500 for a map inside the book. Buzz decides to pass his friend off Stanley Livington (Lou Costello) as a great explorer. With claims they can reproduce the map, the two men agree to accompany her on the expedition. They discover a trail of diamonds leading to a cannibal village where the cannibals intend to roast and eat them. When the story ends you’ll be laughing your head off! It is truly Abbott and Costello at their funniest!